Travelling to Skyros

On a daily basis. 
By the Ship "Achilleas" of Skyros Shipping Company which sails from the Harbour of Kymi (the duration of the trip is 1 hour and 40 minutes)

a) by buses of KTEL local bus network (Athens - Waterfront of Kymi). 
There is a daily connection from the Station of Intercity Buses (260 Liossion Str.) to the Waterfront of Kymi. The distance between the two places is about 160 km in about 3,5 hours.

KTEL Agency of Skyros - Tel.No.: 22220-91123
KTEL Agency of Athens - Tel.No.: 210-831715

 b) Using your own car. 
Following the drive from Athens - Chalcis - Aliveri to the Waterfront of Kymi.

You can also follow the coastal line of Oropos/Eretria and follow the drive Athens - Oropos - Eretria - Aliveri to the Waterfront of Kymi.

As from the rest of Greece, you could reach the harbour of Kymi by road.

*During the peak period and the summer months, you have to make reservations for the passengers and the vehicles that are to travel to Skyros, communicating by phone with one of the agencies..

By air 
Flights of SKY EXPRESS, AEGEAN from Athens (in 30 minutes) or Thessaloniki to Skyros (in 40 minutes).

You could get information on the scheduled flights by phone dialling 22220 - 91600 (agency of Skyros) or 22220 - 91625 (Airport of Skyros).