Sightseeing Tour of Skyros

The island is famous for its sandy beaches, such as the Magazia or Gyalos, Molos, Aghios Petros, Theotokos, Kyra Panagia, Atsitsa, Aghios Fokas, Pefkos, Acherounes, Kolymbada, Tris Boukes, Renes, Achilli, etc.

The woods cover the 32% of the area of Skyros and consist mainly of pines.

The bigger build-up area is the village (Chora) which is called Skyros, where is the 95% of the population of the island, with a lot of interesting spots, such as the houses of Skyros; each one of these houses is a small museum. The scenic cobbled roads, the ancient castle, the monastery of St. George are some of these sights too.

The richness of folklore and archaeological finds, with deep roots in history and mythology, keeps the pride of the inhabitants for their origin vivid.

Among all the sights of the island, we could mention also:

The imposing spectacle of "the Mountain" with the continuous alternation of shadings due to the ground's morphology and folding
The pinewood towards Atsitsa and Marmaro
Many beaches of a particular natural beauty
The sea caves
The Byzantine and post-byzantine monuments of the Castle
The monastery of St. George and a number of the 180 churches of the island
The houses of Skyros which are built with a certain technique
The archaeological and folklore museum of M. Faltaits
The square where there is a bronze statue offered to the memory of the English poet Roupert Brooke
The windmill which is in the site of Stavros and the most important finds of the Neolithic build-up area in Palamari
The famous little horses of Skyros
The workshops of the famous woodcuts of Skyros
The workshops of pottery