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Many elements of the rich Greek mythology refer to Skyros. On the island, Aegeus had his own lands which he had granted to his son Theseus who, having political differences with Menestheos in Athens, decided to take refuge in Skyros.

The king of Skyros, Lycomedes, soon understood that the people loved and admired Theseus, and he himself envied his glory and the heroism that made him famous. One day Lycomedes led Theseus to the highest part of the Castle to show him his estates and from there he knocked him down to the foothills where he met a tragic death.

Another view holds that it was an accident that happened in 1300 BC. 125 years had passed since then when Achilles, knowing the oracle that he was in danger if he went on the Trojan campaign, came to Skyros, and stayed in the palace of Lycomedes dressed in women’s clothes and named Pyrrha. It is obvious that this is another younger Lycomedes who is not related to the death of Theseus.

Achilles created relations with queen Deidamea and the fruit of these relations was Pyrrhus better known as Neoptolemus “the god” who after the death of his father fought heroically in Troy. In 475 BC the Athenians captured Skyros, which from then on formed part of the territory of ancient Athens with short interludes of this sovereignty.


Athenian clerics settled on the island. According to the available information, the old inhabitants of the island (Dolopes and a few Pelasgians) had very bad luck: Those who did not manage to leave were sold as slaves. In 86 BC Roman rule begins and Byzantium follows. Nikiforos Phokas sees to it that it is built, in 960 AD. the monastery of Agios Georgios. Later after 1204, Skyros was ceded by the leader of the Duchy of Naxos Sanudos to the Gizi lords and from then on it was governed by Venetians and Franks until 1538 when the Turkish Admiral Hayredin Barbarossa took control of the island.

Skyros remained under Turkish rule for three hundred years, but Turkish settlers and military forces never settled on the island. Skyros offered a lot to the struggle for independence.

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