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In the early 1980, in Skyros, the company of popular basis “SKYROS SHIPPING COMPANY” was founded and in May of the same year the company bought the F/B “Katerina”, of about 1000 register tons, which was built in 1975 and was renamed “Anemoessa”; after a strenuous effort, the boat was put on, in September 1980, in the local line of Kymi – Skyros, without any subsidy, having daily itineraries and overnight stop at Kymi. The F/B “Skyros” was carrying out the same line, at the same time, having daily itineraries too as well as overnight stop at Linaria.


Since 1981, the F/B “Anemoessa” put on, for the summer months, two daily itineraries with connection to and from Kymi via the local bus network KTEL of Evia; since 1983, the space of the ship for the parking lot of the cars became wider.


Finally, in 1983, the F/B “Skyros” was withdrawn from the line.


Finally, in 1983, the F/B “Skyros” was withdrawn from the line. In 1984, there was an air connection of the island with a number of daily flights of OLYMPIC AIRWAYS during the summertime and three flights during the winter which, however, were cancelled afterwards. In 1985, the project of the pier for the drawing of the ship alongside, in Linaria, was completed.

In 1986, several applications were submitted to the Ministry of Maritime Shipping by:
a) the company “SERES SEA LINES” regarding the summer connection of Skyros in the line of North Sporades and
b) the company “Lines of North Aegean Sea ” regarding the routing of the boat in the line of Kymi-Skyros-N. Sporades. These applications were not accepted, following a justified rejection of Skyros Shipping Company; moreover, the authorisation of routing F/B “Skyros” in the line Skyros – Kymi each Friday and Sunday, which was granted since 1983, was revoked.


In December 1988, Skyros Shipping Company bought the Norwegian F/B “ULSNES”, which had the capacity of 2000 register tons; the company renamed the boat into “Lykomidis” and, since the early 1989, the boat was put on in the line of Kymi-Skyros replacing the F/B “Anemoessa”, which was sold.


Since then, F/B “Lykomidis”, having daily itineraries during the winter and two or even three itineraries during the summer, has exclusively the service of the local line of Kymi-Skyros. Moreover, since 1995, there were a number of itineraries of Flying Dolphins calling at Kymi-Skyros-Sporades which, in due time, were extended up to Volos and Thessalonica.

We would like to point out that, since the regular implementation of arrivals and sailings of “Lykomidis”, the local bus network KTEL of Evia scheduled the daily itinerary of a bus for Kymi leaving the KTEL area 3,30 hours before the boat sets sail for Skyros. However, the big problem of replacing the “Lykomidis” with a bigger and newer boat had already came up. This question has given rise to much controversy in and outside the bosom of the general assemblies of the shipping company and there was not any final conclusion. It is certain that the purchase of a modern boat is considered as a necessary and urgent issue, taking into consideration the new conditions of the Greek cabotage.


Today, the Company proudly owns the ship Achilleas. It was constructed in Japan on 1987 and completely renovated in Greece on 2004. It is the replacement of Lycomidis. It is bigger thought, with higher speed, and increased capacity of passengers and vehicles. There are three spaces available for passengers, two of them as economy and one as distinguished class. It also has three Bars, one of them open, on the main deck.

The Shareholding Composition of SNE

SNE is a grassroots company and we are proud of it. With the development of SNE we are investing in the development and perspective of Skyros.
The main shareholders are the Municipality of Skyros, the Region of Central Greece, and the Monastery of Saint George.

Administrative Council


Kyriakos ANTONOPOYLOS tou Georgiou


Ippokratis KOSTIS tou Petrou


Georgios FTOYLIS tou Konstantinou


Georgios ANDREOY tou Emmanouil

Konstantinos MIKES tou Emmanouil

Nikolaos MAYRIKOS tou Konstantinou

Ioannis EYGENIKOS tou Dimitriou

Konstantinos TRACHANAS tou Stamatiou

Georgios PSARIOTIS tou Dimitriou

Our Human Resources

SNE currently employs 40 workers on the ship and in the offices, who are the “soul” of the Company. The SNE “family” aims and is committed to service, courtesy, and respect for every passenger. We invest in their training and specialization because it is an important capital for the development of the Company. Our employees are residents of the Island and the Company is thus a pillar of development and economic support for Skyros.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Skyros Maritime Company was founded in 1980 under particularly adverse conditions, and became a reality after superhuman efforts, based on the vision of a group of people who stepped forward and were followed by almost the entire Skyrian People. It is the umbilical cord of our island with the mainland, it is a pillar and driver of the island’s development, it expresses the self-confidence and pride of the Skyrian people, it is a sense of security and support for every Skyrian, it is there for everyone and manages a ship that only a few days a year (mainly due to weather) he stops his journey.

SNE has a human-centered character and its initiatives always move in this direction. Due to the fact that SNE is primarily a SKYRIAN company, it makes sure in every way to return every year the largest part of its turnover to those who supported it and continue to support it: the SKYRIAN PEOPLE.

  • SNE is the professional outlet and the future of skilled Skyrian children, it has created a new generation of sailors and in a percentage of more than 90%, it uses young people from the island as crew. This results in approximately 50 families making a living exclusively from their work on our ship.
  • Its priority is to support the largest possible percentage of Skyrian businesses – suppliers.
  • In recent years, amidst the deep crisis experienced by their country, during the Christmas season, they have been granting gift vouchers for food purchases to approximately 40 families of their fellow citizens in distress.
  • It is the Major Sponsor and Supporter of the Skyros Sports Club and its Academies, in order to promote the sporting spirit among the island’s youth.
  • It is a Sponsor and Supporter of all the Sports and Social Clubs of the island and outside of Skyros: Shooting Club of Skyros, Taekwondo Association “the Pelasgoi”, Nautical Club of Skyros, Association of Traditional Dances (S.S.O.P.A.), Cyclist association of Skyros, The Child’s Smile, SOS Children’s Villages, etc.
  • It is a Sponsor and Supporter of the Municipality of Skyros in the Social and Sports events it organizes.
  • It is a Supporter of all public services based on the island: Skyros Multipurpose Regional Clinic, Skyros Police Station, Skyros Retirement Home, Skyros Fire Department, Skyros Primary, Middle and High School, etc.
  • Finally, and on a case-by-case basis, it helps our needy fellow citizens with health problems of themselves or their children.


SNE follows all legal specifications, international and national safety regulations for the protection of the environment.

It recognizes the need for continuous improvement of environmental performance (Marine environment, passenger and staff areas) and seeks to always be in compliance with legislation and international standards. It aims at a balanced economic development, always taking into account the ecological needs of the marine environment as well as the conditions in terms of hygiene and comfort of its passengers and employees.


The Company has been awarded in 2018 with the bronze TOURISM AWARD for its contribution, its successful course and its offer as a pillar of development for Skyros.


SNE guarantees absolute safety on your trip, following international standards and specifications. It’s staff is fully trained to respond to any situation and the ship’s equipment undergoes frequent checks.

The cost of tickets is one of the cheapest for passengers and vehicles and SNE in its policy adopts special offers for the benefit of passengers. Ferry tickets have also been subsidized by the government for a limited period of time in recent years.


Choose SNE and travel quickly, economically, and safely!


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