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The island is famous for its sandy beaches, such as Magazia or Gialos, Molos, St. Petros, the mother of God, Kyra Panagia, Atsitsa, St. Fokas, Pefkos, Acherunes, Kolymbada, Treis Boukes, Rennes, Achilli, etc.

Forests cover 32% of Skyros and consist mainly of pines.
The largest settlement is the village (Chora), where 95% of the island is concentrated, with many interesting things, such as the Skyrian houses, each of which is a small museum, the picturesque cobblestone streets, the ancient castle, the Monastery of St. George. The great wealth of folkloric and archaeological findings and evidence, with deep roots in history and mythology, keeps alive the residents’ pride in their origin.


Among all the attractions, the following also stand out:

– The imposing sight presented by the “mountain” (shell) with the continuous change of light shadows, which is due to the morphology and folds of the ground

– The pine forest towards Atsitsa and Marmaro

– Many beaches that are of natural beauty, the sea caves

– The Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments of the Castle

– The monastery of St. George and many of the 180 churches of the island

– The Skyrian house built with a special technique

– The archaeological and folklore museum of M. Faltaits

– The “Brook” square, decorated with a brass statue dedicated to the memory of the English poet Rupert Brook

– The windmill at Stavros and the most important finds of the Neolithic Settlement in Palamari

– The Skyrian horses

– The manufacturing workshops of the famous Skyrian woodcarvings and the ceramic art workshops